Infor CRM provides the sales tools that allow you to bettter manage your opportunities, defining methodology to your sales team, helping users to do the right things when they need to be done, increasing the closing rate.

Infor CRM has the right tools to help you effectively manage your sales funnel, allowing you to flexibly manage your opportunities based on time, complexity, quotes, contacts, products, approval circuits and more.

With Infor CRM you get visibility of your sales team and your productivity and will give your sales team the productive tools they need to be more successful in the field.


Provide exceptional experiences to your customers.

Allow service and support teams to quickly resolve issues or complaints and provide a better customer experience that conducts to loyalty, profitable and long-time relationships.

You can quickly find the right solutions to the reported problems, manage returns, defects, warantees and offer convenient self-service options to customers, and get management reports that allow you to monitor the operation performance.


Maximize your campaigns’s impact.

Implement and monitor your marketing campaigns with Infor CRM.

You can target a particular market segment with a direct campaign, or integrate to known email-marketing tools available in the market, to make massive actions, receiving the results in Infor CRM, getting a 360º view of your customers, including their behaviour on each campaing.

Select the campaign target with powerful segmentation tools. Check the participation’s frequency of each contact. Manage your campaign from creation to completion stage, through the control of tasks, associated costs, responses and opportunities generated, so you know the ROI obtained on each campaign.



Xbar is an Infor CRM solution to use directly from MS Outlook®. It is designed to help customers to maximize the user adoption in the continuous and intensive use of CRM.

When you access a Lead, Contact, Account, or Task in MS Outlook, Xbar instantly displays in the right side the related CRM information: account & contact details, pending activities, history, opportunities and associated tickets in CRM. The user can modify or add information accoding to the CRM permissions and take action if it’s needed.

Create a new CRM contact by dragging & dropping the email signature to xBar and you will get most of the information automatically identified, ready to add to CRM.

With Xbar, your Sales People will adopt CRM quickly, as they can easily manage their Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Activities from inside MS Outlook.

XBar is really fast to implement and extremely simple to use. It reduces the learning curve and significantly streamlines the daily work, achieving a great adoption of users.

Xbar is included in the Infor CRM standard license, with NO additional cost.


Infor CRM Sync for Gmail ™ allows you to integrate the benefits of using Infor CRM by accessing and managing your activities within the familiar Gmail interface.

Infor CRM Sync for Gmail ™ is easy to install and configure.

As you use the native Gmail functionality for emails, Contacts, Activities and Calendar, the learning curve is really low and the adoption, very high.

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